Introduction and Mission Statement

August 27, 2009

Greetings! My name is Will. Welcome to Building a Better You, a personal development blog. My aim is to meld practical growth strategies with empowering ideas in order to set you permanently down the path of positive change.

I chose the name of this blog deliberately. Building is the first word, and it conveys the lion’s share of the meaning:

  1. Building is a verb, a word of continuous action. Your life is happening every second, and each of those seconds is an opportunity to be better.
  2. Building is deliberate. Nothing is built by accident! It is crucial to embrace the notion that you can design your life.
  3. Building occurs little piece by little piece. If someone tells you to build a house, you might be discouraged by the challenge. But if someone gives you a hammer and tells you to hit that nail?  Well that’s something you can do!

Better is the other word, and it requires little explanation.

A quick bit about me. A big part of this blog’s content will be my own personal growth experiments.  This is a win/win scenario.  For me, motivation has been by far my biggest challenge, and posting my experiences will help keep me on track and accountable.  For you, the reader, it will be motivating to see a real person really struggle to implement the ideas he presents.  I’m hoping it will make everything more accessible to you and encourage you to take the plunge.

One of my biggest life goals is to elevate the consciousness and happiness of as many people as possible.  This goal stems from a deep caring for others.  I want to help, I want to make a difference — in a big way.  Starting a blog may be unoriginal.  But if even one person is able to make a tangible difference in their life based on my writings… then that’s one happy drop in the bucket of humanity.

The initial post schedule will be one major post a week, with biweekly growth experiment updates.